Our retail store is located in the Harrison Town Plaza in Harrison, Ohio!

Our showroom has many of the latest trends in diamonds and jewelry!

We do all our jewelry repair on the premises!

These benches are where all our diamond setting is performed!

These shelves contain a small sample of the molds we use to create jewelry!

Our lab has many instruments for diamond grading and weighing.

We also have the capability to create custom designs in our lab
with our new computer aided design and manufacturing system.

We also have equipment that allows us to take professional digital
images of existing jewelry to aid us in our design/re-design process.

Our wax injection equipment allows us to make models from our molds!

These molds are then set in an investment material,
fired in our furnace, then cast in to a rough casting!

These are the various manufacturing tools required to create and repair jewelry!

This equipment is used to polish our jewelry to its final finish!

Finally, the jewelry is then cleaned in an ultrasonic
cleaner and steam cleaned for a bright and clean finish!

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